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Hot Tub Seasonal 10 Point Insepction & Winterizing

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A Hot Tub needs to be properly maintained throughout all the different seasons. It is recommended that you drain and fill your tub twice a year. The reason being is your water will get tired from the amount of chemicals you put it in. There are valuable steps that need to be taken when you drain your tub and before you fill it back. Our Seasonal 10 Point Inspection includes the following:

  • We will replace all gaskets in your system to ensure no leaking from any PVC connection points
  • We will inspect all the pumps to ensure they are not suffering from corrosion or excessive calcium build up
  • We will inspect your heating element and connections to ensure proper voltages are being conducted
  • We will inspect your hot tub cover and its Lift and Store components and make necessary repairs
  • We will inspect massage jet ports to make sure no corrosion is affecting your tub’s rigidity and integrity to prevent leaks
  • We will fill your tub and do an on the spot water assessment
  • We will shock and balance your water while educating you on future chemical maintenance
  • We will inspect your filter and water flow
  • We will inspect your management system and circuit board to ensure proper functionality
  • We will educate you on the different modes and filter cycles using your upper control display


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