Android Rooting & Customization:

Do you often wonder how much more powerful and customizable your Android phone or tablet can be? Unlike Apple, Android is 100% customizable. Everything from how fast the phone can run, to the way the operating system looks and works. A lot of people often change their settings to the way they want them. However, by rooting the device, you can change almost every aspect of the device.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is gaining full administrative (root) use over the entire device. This is what your manufacturer is capable of on your device. You’re gaining the ability to make absolute complete changes as if you are the device manufacturer. Rooting is not the same as unlocking the device to use it with another carrier.

What are the benefits of Rooting?

Simply put, a lot. Ever wonder how you can get rid of all those stock apps (bloatware) that the manufacturer won’t let you delete, and half the time can’t disable? Well, rooting will allow you to permanently remove these apps. Want to backup and restore the entire operating system from an sd card? No problem. Rooting will allow you to completely backup the entire system and all your files directly on an sd card safely. This also allows you to install any custom operating system that is meant for your device. With Android, there are hundreds of customized roms! Always running out of space? Because manufacturers always put carrier specific apps, or unnecessary files, onto devices, rooting will help free up space when you install a custom rom. Besides these things, you can install special applications to your device that allow you to control everything from speed, application permissions, display options, battery control, and so much more.

When it comes to Anrdoid, there’s so much more you can do with your device. With iSupply, we can help show you the complete potential of your device. Give us a call today, at 920-465-4000, or contact us through our contact form. We’ll be glad to help you, explain the process, and more.

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